A unique point of view

BeAble Capital is an innovative and highly specialized project that focuses on technology as a source of development. Our project manages tech transfer, seed capital and early stage funds within high industrial technology.

What makes us different from other funds?

Our team combines a deep technical backgroundwith an extensive experience in private capital M&A

We are national leaders and referents in the creation of high industrial technologies and tech companies, having these structures been declared as strategic for developed economies by Europe

BeAble Capital is the first private and independent tech transfer fund in Spain focused on national high industrial technology

We fill a big gap as the only company that help promote the projects more likely to succeed, as the OECD, the IMF and the EIB have said. We are the stepping stone for the spanish scientific production

We take an active role in the design of the project's business, financial, commercial, operational and industrial property strategy


If you want to know more about BeAble Capital our origins, our team members or how to invest in Key Enabling Technologies... Contact us through this form

C/Génova 11, 1º izq. 28004 Madrid, Phone: 91 702 26 82

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